Looking south on N. King Street, downtown Leesburg, VA

Looking south on N. King Street, downtown Leesburg, VA


Kari regularly attends the council meetings and believes she can bring a fresh set of ideas and outlook to the Town Council. She intends to listen to the concerns and needs of both town residents and business owners to ensure she is always representing the voters of Leesburg, not partisan interests. Upholding the honor of being an elected Town Council member is of utmost importance to her.

Transparency and Trust

Ask anyone who knows Kari and they will tell you that "what you see is what you get." She prides herself on being transparent and honest. Residents of Leesburg can expect that she'll be the same on town council for them, addressing the challenges head on to find the best solutions while keeping the public informed.  

Cost of Living

Being financially sound and responsible with the town's money is of utmost importance in this area. It can be hard to find affordable living, or to just keep up with rising taxes. Taking a look at the big picture of the town's expenses so that we can keep taxes low and help our residents have a better quality of life will be a priority for Kari.

Growth, Schools, and The Future

Leesburg has seen incredible growth over the years. We need to ensure we're not growing faster than we can take care of our residents and businesses while preserving the historic character of the town. Having a young daughter and experiencing the overcrowding and school issues first hand, Kari is focused on what we can be doing better to tackle the growth and infrastructure issues to ensure a solid future for Leesburg and its residents. 

Westpark Golf Course

Being a resident in the neighborhood that Westpark runs through means Kari is doubly invested in making sure the right decisions and approvals are made by the Town Council during the sale of the golf course. Westpark has been a staple in the community and to the residents of Country Club for many years. Kari wants to ensure Leesburg keeps Westpark green.